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    Well, thanks to my friend, I had to choose between Kirby and Meta Knight (Well, I made her choose between Sonic and Shadow, so I guess it was for revenge or something like that).

    I said:

    "If I'm in a Life-or-Death situation, then I'd choose Meta Knight because he'd get me out of it.

    And If I'm not, I'd choose Kirby so he can just sit around and look cute while I adore him."

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  • Kirbycrazy24.7


    June 5, 2012 by Kirbycrazy24.7

    So I was creating a page on Galaxia, Meta Knight's sword, and it hit me that the story the Anime gives is really wierd. I think that the whole "its a legendary sword" thing was a little crazy, expecially with Kirisakin and all. I can totally imagine Nightmare going, "Hey you! Kirisakin! Go get that sword thing and hide it in a cave and stay there!" I mean, what was the point of that? So the Star Warriors don't get it? Epic Fail, because Meta Knight got it, then Kirby defeated Kirisakin later with it. WOW.

    I think just having it be Meta Knight's sword is perfectly fine, nothing special to it.

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  • Kirbycrazy24.7

    Ok, don't get me wrong, WHY WAS META KNIGHT READING A BOOK?! In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, it shows Meta Knight reading a book (before Magolor crashes and creates ANOTHER mess)!

    I mean, I love books, but doesn't it seem weird that Meta Knight was reading one? He couldn't have been that bored! And then he helped Kirby help a villan! AH! WHAT IS GOING ON HAL?!

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  • Kirbycrazy24.7

    Ok, I love to play Meta Knight, and absouletly love to play games with him in it, but sometimes I wonder.

    Like when people call Kirby a "puffball". I say to them, "Meta Knight is the same species as Kirby. SO ARE YOU CALLING META KNIGHT A PUFFBALL?!"

    But then again, he is a little messed up.

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