Sword Knight is one of Meta Knight's followers in the anime, and in Meta Knightmare Ultra. He also goes by Sword.


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In the Anime, Sword Knight usually tags along with Blade Knight, and helps out Meta Knight when he can. He's also good friends of Tiff and Tuff, and Kirby of course. He is said to had met Meta Knight when he was battling Wolfwrath, a monster. Back then, Sword was a bandit, along with his pal, Blade Knight. they stopped Meta Knight along the path, and almost got attacked by Wolfwrath themselves. After that, Sword (Along with Blade) pledged themselves to be Meta Knight's followers. He also helped Meta Knight build his ship, the Halberd.

Meta Knightmare UltraEdit

As a subgame in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Meta Knight sets out and has all the adventures Kirby has. As Meta Knight earns points for the foes he's defeated, he can call out either Sword or Blade Knight for a helper. Sword's armor is purple.
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